Cookie Policy


If you're looking at this page, you may well have no idea what Cookies are or even why we have a 'Cookies Policy' Page.

We have one, because EU Law states that we have to have one.

Our Cookie Policy is the same as everything else in our business. We are here to serve you and not irritate you. We want you to be happy and like us.

For that reason we only store Cookies as a temporary aid to your site navigation. We do not store any persistent data - that means data that hangs around after you've left the site, except if you use 'Your Favourites'.

'Your Favourites' are stored in a cookie so that when you come back to this site, the Your Favourites basket will still contain the properties that you put there last time.  We do not access Your Favourites at any time.  It is your decision if you wish to send us the contents of Your Favourites basket.

And we certainly don't use Cookies to store material that could be used for advertising or selling to Third Parties!

Basically, they are there because they have to be there for the website to work and we don't abuse them ... or anything else!

By using the site you are deemed to be in accordance with this policy.

Here endeth our Cookie Policy